Puget  Sound  Balloon  Festivals

What the Sequim Balloon Festival did for Sequim 
by Randall Tomaras

     Having extremely high goals, the  Sequim Balloon Festival was not everything I hoped it would be, but all the longtime Sequimites  (Sequimians, Sequimsters, etc.)  tell me that the first attempt was 1,000s of time better than the first several  Lavender Festivals. (Some even said combined.)  It was enough incentive for Sherry and I to go forward with another balloon festival, primarily because it helped the community not only economically, but it brought together the town folk emotionally. While I did not have the time to photograph the festival like I had planned, I did get a few images with my instamatic that emphasized some values.

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It let performers reach an audience 

The website placed Sequim on the world map •

It offered art work from local artists •

It brightened up the skies with color •

It gave balloon riders a thrill of a lifetime •

Brought a thrill to a lot of neighborhoods •

It brought families closer together •

It helped people though some difficult times •

It taught people about hot air •

It filled the bucket list of many •

It brought people with disabilities together •

It inspired people •

It gave the community a sense of self worth •

It introduced us to new friends •

It brought us Captain Crystal

It gave us photo ops

It got kids out of bed early

It gave us something to do

Taught us about ballooning

Brought in a lot of business.

Gave exposure to advertisers

Brought us Kuma and Charlie

Gave us entertainment

The restaurants were certainly full

Hotels were sold out

More people learned of the Olympic Peninsula

A new activity and club on the Peninsula

It brought people in from out of town