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People keep asking me: How do you get so much Internet traffic and how can I tell if my website is really working? So in the interest of time (my time) I decided to give away some free advice. Some will like it, some won't. It's my way, it works, and you asked. (at least some of you did : )


Is it just because everyone loves Hot Air Balloons? No, or there would be many other more famous balloon sites up there if that were true. Besides this is the sixth web site I have worked to the top 100,000 in Alexa.com's US Traffic out of the 330 million websites. Just to prove a point, this site and RandallTomaras.com and WeekendWA.com  will make it nine real soon.


Is it links? No, links are important to Google. Probably the most I have had with any site is 70, but that was BECAUSE I was in the top 1000, it did not get me there.


Are you using "Black Hat" techniques? NO, only "White Hat"  I would be foolish to use "Black Hat" tactics on my web site and risk being banned. Never had a site banned ever. It is just good old-fashioned marketing. Most people are looking for a short cut or a winning lotto ticket.


Am I high up on Google or did I buy ads? No, don't think I am in the first 6 PAGES of Google on any keywords except for our name. Probably never will be after this article : )


Is it Facebook? NO, In fact I am still trying to figure out if Facebook is worth my time. It consumes a lot of time with 200 friends. Can't imagine 3,000.


Is it because the balloon festival is about to happen? No, the Sequim Balloon Festival site reached the top 100,000 level in 3 months of being up - Oct to Dec 2011. (and the ranking is a 3 month average) That would be 240 days prior to the September event. So it is not the length of time our website has been up either.


Do people still tell me I am wrong? All the time, but they are usually way below me in traffic rank or make a living selling the advice I don't endorse. Don't mean to offend others. This is just what works for me.


Are there other ways to do it? Yes, and perhaps some of the ways work for others. I just have not found them to work for me. I tend to do the opposite of what the masses do. I've bought the $49 e-books, the $200 software programs, and the $10,000 membership programs. Quite frankly, if they worked Google and Facebook would be out of business. I don't put my fate in their hands. Do You?


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