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Everyone is asking so here is my best FREE advise on internet marketing. Most people are deceived by web traffic. I see millions of dollars being poured into web design and all that the customer pays for is a pretty website that nobody sees. (Heck, sometimes it isn't even pretty. But then quality traffic is 100,000 times more important than beauty.) If your goal is to have an effective website this article should be important to you. There are a lot of tricks that web designers and web masters use to generate traffic and put money in their pocket. It is disguised as SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) The key is not traffic, but quality traffic. I will point out some of those tricks so you can make an informed decision on current data.


Forget the Hits

Traffic is no longer measured in hits. Basically a hit is any web page, graphic, button or photograph. So if you had 15 thumbnail photographs and/or buttons on a page that would be an equivalent to 16 hits. You can see where it would be easy for a web master or designer to brag about how many hits they received from their pages. It's a cheap trick to tell your client how many hits their site is receiving. In the above case that page would be 15 times exaggerated. This page has 16 showing and I could hide 100 more in meta-data.


More than Visitors

Unique visitors is no longer the sole measurement of web traffic. If I wanted to get unique visitors I could create a sensational headline like “See Britney Spears’ revealing figure” send it out in an e-blast and pull in thousands of unique visitors. Then when people arrive at the page they would find it was an accountant's website talking about the financial figures of Britney Spears. Obviously, that's not going to win you any business and people would leave the website upset. But you did create many unique visitors and you could brag about that. Why?

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