Puget  Sound  Balloon  Festivals

#1. Help YOUR Economy

The goal of Puget Sound Balloon Festivals is to create a fun and exciting event that everyone wants to participate in. The economy of the country is ONLY going to improve if jobs can be created and people spend money. It does not matter if you are wealthy, poor or in between. It is not a politician or a party that is going to be the golden ticket. It is you and me.  You and me form a community, and communities form a state, and states form a union.  There is POWER with people working together. We need to stop fighting like the Hatfields and McCoys. They only caused death, grief, despair and bitterness. I am not talking just about Washington DC, every one of us needs to concentrate on being the best that we can be, not how quickly we can amass wealth before the next person.


Most people do not understand how economies work. Quite frankly most economic formulas are designed for select individuals to make money. The free market system is really quite simple.

A. Everyone contributes something of value.

B. People buy products and services based on their needs and wants.


But here is the key