Puget  Sound  Balloon  Festivals

It is important to understand
The Cost of Ballooning

We are currently interviewing pilots about the cost of ballooning for an article that will convey the true costs of ballooning and why when you see an offer that is too good to be true, it probably is.  This is just a partial list of some of the expenses. When you see the results of this article it will be real clear that  balloonists and festival organizers are very generous people and they want to help you experience hot air ballooning, but they can not give away everything. Pilots deserve to get paid for what they do also.

Start up

1.     Balloon

2.     Basket

3.     Burners

4.     Propane tanks

5.     Instrumentation

6.     Communication devises

7.     Chase Vehicle that can haul basket

8.     Business license


1.     Lessons

2.     Apprentice

3.     Flight hours


1.     Safety seminar

2.     FAA Annual on Balloon

3.     Insurance

4.     Marketing Costs

5.     Taxes

6.     Phone

7.     Gas

8.     Vehicle maintenance

9.     Balloon repairs

10.   Hotels

11.   Meals

12.   Crew and training

13.   Propane