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It is all about the audience

Would you spend a million dollars in inventory, and then not open up the store doors? If people did not come to you, how would you reach them? If there is only so many dollars being spent how can you get a fair share? These are questions I had to ask myself if I wanted to live on the Olympic Peninsula. More populated areas have it easier, but let's take the tougher one.


It is simple math. If you had let's say 100,000 people and they only had 100 dollars to spend, then that would be 10 million and if we all bought locally 7 times, that would be 70 million dollars. Now if we added 30,000 people to spend $39 a day for 3 days, that's over $3,500,000. After it is spent  7 times in the community, that's adding 24 million dollars to our economy.  That is what a Festival can do. Now there are two questions. 1) Do you want to help make this happen as a team?; and 2) Do you believe that  24 million will build our local economy? EVERYONE will benefit from 24 million in the economy, even if they don't have anything to sell. That is an equivalent to 600 jobs at $40,000.


The biggest mistake most event sponsors make is they only look at the days of the event. As you know, advertising never ends. You always have to remind people to spend their money on your product or service. Probably more so in this economy.


My next question is, would you like advertising for just three days or would you like it for 180 days?

What if it was the same price? You may ask; "Who is looking at the Puget Sound Balloon Festivals 180 days out?"


I am a firm believer in "put up or shut up." If I am going to bet on anything it makes good sense to look at past performance. You are not going to win the Super Bowl with a junior high team. In 2012 we did the marketing for SequimBalloonFestival.com. Let us show you what we did.


Alexa.com measures web traffic for the Internet industry and it is an excellent way to judge interest because people look up what they are interested in. It is not a big secret that the Internet has a stronghold  on the 2013 marketplace.


What if the Sequim Balloon Festival as a single event, in a 12 month period, received more quality web traffic than:

      Seattle Center             Pike Place Market

      Pioneer Square           Argosy Cruise

      Seattle Aquarium        All WA Festivals

      Seattle's Convention & Visitors Bureau

                Washington State Tourism

                  And a bunch of others



And you can benefit from it too.

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