Puget  Sound  Balloon  Festivals

Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you want a hot air balloon ride there are definitely somethings you need to be aware of.

For your protection these are must reads

When balloons fly?

There is a 30% chance that your flight will be canceled. See why.


The cost of ballooning This is the one that shock me.


Look out for Sky Scum 
The Internet is good but it provides huge opportunity to take your money for a ride and not you. Look out for scams.


Why ride during a festival?

There are lots of reasons people like to ride during a festival or rally






The Balloon Riders Handbook

It is always nice to know what to expect before it happens. Surprise can trigger unpredictable behavior.


How we sign people up

This is our procedure and we think it is fair for both riders and balloonists.