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2014 - Coming to a festival near you

Sherry and I will be photographing festivals and balloons around the USA for 2014. In that process we will be collecting all the unique, unusual, and eye catching things that make a successful festival. It won't just be balloon festivals, even though I am partial to them.


What we plan to do with all these ideas, we are not sure yet. Perhaps start a new balloon festival, maybe be a consultant, write a book, we just do not know YET.


Whatever we do, it will be to help events people, and communities be successful through tourism and people having fun. It will be centered around teamwork, not competition. We all achieve more by working together.


People ask me all the time, how do I get so much traffic to my website without Google or Facebook? Don't worry one of these days I will use them, but it is hard to justify spending thousands of dollars with them when I am already the #3 photographer web site in USA and #24 in the world. Not bragging, just pointing out there are more cost effective ways to reach your audience. Marketing is changing DRASTICALLY and either you can learn the new ways or pay someone else to do it for you.


To be quite honest, how I have achieved so much it is a formula that I have developed over the 40 years I have been in business. Do I toss it out for free? NO - I did that for awhile with some techniques, only to find slick Internet marketers packaging my ideas to make money.

The problem was Google and Facebook would order them and reverse engineer the program to create an algorithm to block them.  Now I don't even sell my current formulas. I just take on a few clients that fit my moral values and have a good product that will help people. I do tell some good tips though.


Is it ONE THING that makes one person successful and others not.? NO - it is not as simple as flipping a switch. Everything in life is a formula. Get one part wrong and it can be a total disaster or at a minimum a different result.


I see this in photography ALL THE TIME. Nearly everyone asks the great photographers, " What kind of camera do you have? It takes great pictures." Great photography is about light, composition, exposure, processing, and presentation.  But camera companies have convinced you with billions of dollars of advertising that it is their camera.


The same is happening with the Internet. So many people are desiring to use it as a marketing tool, that they pay for five year old technology. BAD move, the Internet technology is moving much faster than that. If you are NOT a student or doctorate of Internet tech, the chances are anything you hear is 5 years or old, especially magazines and books. To many hockers trying to sell old tech because people do not know better. Misinformed, but it sounds good based on pieces of information you once heard.



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